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Terms of subscription
These general conditions apply to all content and services provided by DIYSEOWIKI.COM.
"User/Subscriber" means a natural or legal person who registers and / or subscribes to in order to view/purchase the products and services offered by DIYSEOWIKI.COM on the site.
" DIYSEOWIKI.COM” means all content and services available to the user/subscribers DIYSEOWIKI.COM

These general conditions apply to all content and services provided by DIYSEOWIKI.COM, whatever the method of marketing.
By purchasing products or using online services, the user declares to use the online services DIYSEOWIKI.COM in accordance with applicable law and the following general conditions.

Terms of Use
Contractual information is presented in English and will be confirmed at the time of the purchase process online. These conditions of sale are also available anytime on the website DIYSEOWIKI.COM.
Validation by the user of its application for membership implies acceptance of these terms, the interface online purchase also forcing the customer acceptance of these terms and conditions.
The data recorded by the site DIYSEOWIKI.COM and its subscription/user service, like e-mails sent between valid proof of all transactions made by its subscribers/users and DIYSEOWIKI.COM unless proved otherwise. The data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions unless proved otherwise.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM can be found on the latest versions of most browsers.

The prices of our products and services are quoted in USD, all taxes included. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in USD.
The products and services are always billed on the basis of rates in effect at time of registration of the subscription.

The proposed tariff must be paid either via Paypal as the payment procedure described and selected during the registration process.
Credit cards accepted by payment systems selected by Paypal are presented on the payment page offers subject to availability.
The Subscriber/Purchaser/User is solely responsible for the payment of the purchased product (valid card and personal account supplied ...) unless there are problems with the online payment process and technical interfaces to the secure payment system.

Availability of Offers
Our product offerings and services and prices are valid until they are visible on the site.
Receiving emails from DIYSEOWIKI.COM
- A subscription includes receiving DIYSEOWIKI.COM optional (not enabled by default) an electronic newsletter called "Newsletter." This letter informs the subscriber of new content DIYSEOWIKI.COM and possible changes that may occur on the site. The subscriber may, at any time request not to receive this newsletter (see unsubscribe on the account settings). Warning, this is not an unsubscribing DIYSEOWIKI.COM; this is just a request to no longer receive the "Newsletter". DIYSEOWIKI.COM can not be held responsible for non receipt of these letters. Non-receipt may be caused by entering an incorrect email address, or automatic protection systems (spam) web mail, for example.
- DIYSEOWIKI.COM also sends emails optional (not active by default) directly related to the life of the subscription. For example: receive your account and password to login. Another example of warning signals. The subscriber may, at any time request not to receive these emails about the life of the subscription (see unsubscribe on the account settings).
Customer Service
For information or questions, service subscribers DIYSEOWIKI.COM are available to the subscriber. Coordinates are available through Contact form on our site.

Confidential information
In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, any subscriber has the right to access and rectify personal data that can exert at DIYSEOWIKI.COM.
These data shall be used exclusively DIYSEOWIKI.COM.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM does not sell, rent and does not exchange with third parties the information that uniquely identifies a subscriber DIYSEOWIKI.COM for any use whatsoever, including advertising or promotional nature. The subscriber may be requested by DIYSEOWIKI.COM, personal information provided by, for products and services DIYSEOWIKI.COM. It may at any time to oppose the sending of these messages DIYSEOWIKI.COM.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM com only retain personal data of its subscribers solely for historical, statistical or management of claims and for a maximum of three years before they are destroyed.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM agrees to take all necessary precautions to protect such personal data, to preserve the integrity and particularly to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorized third parties. To do this, these personal data is stored in secure areas inaccessible to the public.

Intellectual Property
All contents, pages, scripts, graphics and icons of DIYSEOWIKI.COM are the exclusive property of DIYSEOWIKI.COM. All rights of reproduction and distribution of these are reserved for all countries.
Guarantees - limited liability
Responsibility for DIYSEOWIKI.COM not be held liable only if it has breached any of its obligations, causing direct harm and some to the subscriber.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM acts as a publisher, not as a provider of Internet access. As such, it can not guarantee the quality of Internet connection, or the absence of specific network interruptions.
In addition, DIYSEOWIKI.COM not be held liable for any breach of its obligations due to force majeure as defined by the courts.
Incident major technical DIYSEOWIKI.COM on the site, subscribers will be informed of the duration of the interruption.
During scheduled maintenance technical, an information message will be posted on the site, on the nature and duration of the intervention.
The information provided on the site are in compliance with Canadian legislation. Responsibility for DIYSEOWIKI.COM can not be held for non-compliance with the legislation of another country from which products and services are purchased.
By its nature, the website is an information service and changing some content may be revised or made unavailable at any time for technical, editorial or legal. No complaint from a subscriber can only be made on the simple fact of this change.
DIYSEOWIKI.COM may establish a hypertext link to other sites or sources. This can be constantly monitored. If, in the pages of the site DIYSEOWIKI.COM, there is a link to a page where illegal contents were to be distributed by a third party, DIYSEOWIKI.COM erase, after being informed of such content, the link to this page.

Amendments and Waivers
For subscriptions, DIYSEOWIKI.COM reserves the right to change the terms of use and price conditions. The subscriber is informed of the contractual amendment within a minimum of 30 days before the change.
If the customer refuses the revised and new conditions, he may terminate the contract without charge. Such termination shall be accompanied by a pro-rated refund of the remaining time of their subscription. No reaction on his part, the new general conditions applicable to it.
Using the service is strictly personal. The subscriber can not transmit the login information to DIYSEOWIKI.COM.

Governing Law
The general conditions of sale, deeds and disputes arising are subject to Canadian and International law.

Refunds and Cancellations
There will be no refunds issued after the payment is made.

Re-sell and Re-production
Re-sell and re-producition of our products including downloads sold on DIYSEOWIKI.COM site and other websites licensed to DIYSEOWIKI.COM is prohibited by intrnational law.


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