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Before you download your copy of DIY SEO PDF we like to give you a brief preview of what you are downloading when you purchase the DIY SEO PDF, this program consists of 12 simple and easy to follow steps to get your website listed and ranked on major search engines. I would'nt worry about all the other 600 or so! 
We want you to make an informed purchase!

STEP 1: We show you the link(s) to where to download the neccessary FREE software(s) that enable(s) you to do the SEO.
STEP 2: We show you how to prepare the pages of your website for SEO(Web Page Optimization).
STEP 3: We show you where to get a FREE & legitimate detailed report on the health of your website and what needs fixing(Website Analyzer Tool).
STEP 4: You learn how to easily set up your FREE Google and Bing Webmaster panels and add your website to them.
STEP 5: You learn how to set up your FREE Google Analytics page for your website and how to easily implement that in to your website with a click of a button.
STEP 6: Here we show you how to easily set up Robots.txt for your website.
STEP 7: We show you where on the web to go to to generate a FREE sitemap for your website with one click.
STEP 8: We show you the links on where to go on the net to submit your website to Google, yahoo and bing FREE(One click site submission).
STEP 9: We show you how to legitimize your website/business online by listing it on wiki sites.
STEP 10: Here you learn how to get FREE worldwide ranking and visitors analyzer info/tools on Alexa.
STEP 11: We show you how to upload key files in to your website using the FREE software.
STEP 12: There are many different FREE & easy site performance related actions that you can take, here we show you what else you can do and whst you need to do once a month to keep coming up on searches and eventually stay on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing searches on your main keywords.

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Clients Testimonial

This was so easy to do for me with my very basic knowledge of computers that I never thought I could really do this. Now I'm not spending $$$$ for a pro to do this instead I'm doing it myself and guess what? it's worked and I can see my website showing on searches.


New york, USA

This is an amzaing pdf, following the instrauctions and doing this by myself was such an easy task. I always tought I needed a 4 year degree to do this but these guys proved me worng.My website is now on Google's first page and I did it all by myself.Many thanks


Ontario, Canada

Pride Public Adjusters

Pride Public Insurance Claim Adjuster

Commercial Public Adjusters

Commercial Public Adjuster

American Cellular Technologies

Mobile Phone Wholesaler

Vancouver Dentist

Vancouver Dental Clinic

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